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Skeptical Inquirer Archives

Volume 23.4

July / August 1999

The Church Poltergeist: It’s the Village Mayor

Joe Nickell

Fatal Non-vision

Joe Nickell

FBI Enlisted Psychic in TWA 800 Investigation

Benjamin Radford

God Is Dead, After Weather and Sports

Mike Reiss

Questioning Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld’s China Acupuncture Story

Gary Posner

Scam Fortune Teller Arrested, Sentenced to Prison for Fraud

Benjamin Radford

Scientific Skepticism, CSICOP, and the Local Groups

Steven Novella and David Bloomberg

Should Skeptical Inquiry Be Applied to Religion?

Paul Kurtz

A Special Issue on Science and Religion

Kendrick Frazier

Still a Miracle?

Joe Nickell

Volume 23.3

May / June 1999

Paranormal Lincoln

Joe Nickell

The Reality of Reality

Robert Stanton

The Snuff Film: The Making of an Urban Legend

Scott Aaron Stine

Volume 23.2

March / April 1999

Finding Awe, Reverence, and Wonder in Science

Kendrick Frazier

The Silver Lake Serpent: Inflated Monster or Inflated Tale?

Joe Nickell

The Ten-Percent Myth

Benjamin Radford

Volume 23.1

January / February 1999

A Cogent Consideration of the Case for Karma (and Reincarnation)

Barry L. Beyerstein

Fears of the Apocalypse: The Escape from Reason

Paul Kurtz

Testing Dowsing: The Failure of the Munich Experiments

J.T. Enright

Volume 22.6

November / December 1998

Alternative Medicine, Impact Threats, Abrupt Climate Change, and Efficient Energy

Matt Nisbet

Helix to Heaven

Joe Nickell

Science and Reason, Foibles and Fallacies, and Doomsdays

Kendrick Frazier

The Martian Panic Sixty Years Later: What Have We Learned?

Robert E. Bartholomew

Volume 22.5

September / October 1998

Coincidences: Remarkable or Random?

Bruce Martin

How to Study Weird Things

Frank Trocco

Uncritical Publicity for Supposed ‘Independent UFO Investigation’ Demonstrates Media Gullibility

Robert Sheaffer

What’s Going On At Temple University?

Martin Gardner