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Skeptical Inquirer Archives

Volume 38.3

May/June 2014

Bill Nye’s Take on the Nye-Ham Debate

Bill Nye

Volume 38.2

March/April 2014

Skeptic Activists Fighting for Burzynski’s Cancer Patients

Robert Blaskiewicz

Stanislaw Burzynski: Four Decades of an Unproven Cancer Cure

David H. Gorski

Volume 38.1

January/February 2014

Curse of the Evil Eye

Massimo Polidoro

Demarcation and Pseudoscience

Massimo Pigliucci

Volume 37.6

November/December 2013

An Inside Look at a ‘Psychic’s’ World

Ray Hyman

A Serious Look at Psychiatry’s Madness Model

Peter Barglow

Cautions and Enthusiasms

Kendrick Frazier

Detective: Uncovering the Mysteries of a Word

Joe Nickell

Losing Our Minds in the Age of Brain Science

Sally Satel and Scott O. Lilienfeld

Paranormal Qualifications

Ben Radford

Psychic Successes or Memory Failures?

Theodore E. Parks

Scholarly Cryptozoology: Now, There’s Something You Don’t See Every Day

Sharon Hill

Six Signs of Scientism: Part 1

Susan Haack

Taking Our Medicine: What Hope for Skepticism in Healthcare?

Kenneth W. Krause

The Future of High Energy Physics in the United States

Kevin T. Pitts

The Jersey Devil: The Real Story

Brian Regal

The Valentich Disappearance: Another UFO Cold Case Solved

James McGaha and Joe Nickell

Truth, Part II

Massimo Pigliucci

UFO Hoaxes? There’s an App for That!

Robert Sheaffer

Where Is the Science in Electronic Voice Phenomena?

Everett A. Themer

Why Being Human Makes Evolution Hard to Understand

Cameron M. Smith

Why We Do This: Revisiting the Higher Values of Skeptical Inquiry

Kendrick Frazier

Volume 37.5

September/October 2013

Authors Reply to NCCAM Response

Eugenie V. Mielczarek and Brian D. Engler

A Dangerous Blending of Nazi Fact and Fiction

Peter Huston

A Fundamental, Costly Error

Peter Lamal

Bigfoot Lookalikes: Tracking Hairy Man-Beasts

Joe Nickell

Did Psychic Visions Locate Missing California Boy?

Ben Radford

Dr. Oz’s Questionable Wizardry

Joe Schwarcz

Electrocuting Parasites: Cutting Edge Pseudoscientific Technology

Thomas Patterson

Has Global Warming Stopped?

David Morrison, John R. Mashey, and Mark Boslough

How News about ESP Research Shapes Audience Beliefs

Paul R. Brewer

Lost Lessons of the Strangling Angel

LaRae Meadows

NCCAM Responds to ‘Nurturing Non-Science’ Article

Alyssa Cotler

Obesity Redux: A Response to Readers

Kenneth W. Krause

Stardust, Smoke, and Mirrors: The Myth of the Mad Genius

Judith Schlesinger

The Mysteries of Leonardo

Massimo Polidoro

The Psychic Defective Revisited: Years Later, Sylvia Browne’s Accuracy Remains Dismal

Ryan Shaffer

The Wonder of Creation Astronomy

Pierre Stromberg

Truth, Part I

Massimo Pigliucci

Wildly Wrong, Psychics Shouldn’t Get a Free Pass

Kendrick Frazier

You Can’t Possibly Be Sirius!

Robert Sheaffer

Volume 37.4

July/August 2013

Bringing Bayes into Predictions

Paul G. Brown

Down the Garden Path: Faulty Thinking and Self-Delusion

Harriet Hall

Do You Believe in Magic?

Harriet Hall

Grumble Grumble

Keith Taylor

Investigating Plagiarism in New Age Books

Ben Radford

Mathematical Explanations and Degrees of Impossibility

Massimo Pigliucci

Mind Over Metal

Joe Nickell

News and Comment

Kendrick Frazier / Benjamin Radford

Psychic Failure and the Boston Marathon Bombing

Ben Radford

Steven Pinker on Violence

Indre Viskontas and Chris Mooney

The Biography of America’s Lake Monster

Ben Radford

The Chelyabinsk Event of February 15, 2013

David Morrison, Alan Harris, and Mark Boslough

The Mystery of the Sicilian Avengers

Massimo Polidoro

The ‘Psychology Is Science, Not Witchcraft’ Campaign

Tomasz Witkowski and Maciej Zatonski

The Queen Mary Is Not Haunted (But I Understand Why You Think She Is)

John Champion

UFOs in the Desert, 2013

Robert Sheaffer

Vindication of My Notorious ‘Insulting’ Letter to UFOlogist J. Allen Hynek

Gary Posner

Violence, Here and Above

Kendrick Frazier

Why Gay and Lesbian? A New Proposal

Kenneth W. Krause