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Skeptical Briefs

Skeptical Briefs is the quarterly newsletter of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. It is available by subscription. A subscription to Skeptical Briefs is independent of your subscription to the Skeptical Inquirer. It is published four times per year (in March, June, September, and December), and includes articles; news from skeptical groups across the country and around the world; and regular columnists Joe Nickell ("Investigative Files"), Lewis Jones ("Inklings"), Victor Stenger ("Reality Check"), Henry Huber ("Group News"); and Benjamin Radford ("Briefs Briefs"). It also includes a Hidden Messages puzzle in each issue by New Mexico physicist and skeptic David E. Thomas.

Atlantis: No way, No how, No where

Atlantis: No way, No how, No where

by Kevin Christopher
Volume 11.3, September 2001

The myth of the lost civilization of Atlantis has attracted the attention and speculation of several eminent personalities...

The Paranormal Visit

by Larry Weinstein
Volume 11.2, June 2001

Eerie lights flickered and strange moans sounded as the specially equipped vehicles screamed up to the haunted house...

A Walk on the Dark Side

by Lewis Jones
Volume 11.2, June 2001


It is not uncommon to hear someone express the opinion that irrational beliefs may be regrettable, but they are harmless.

CSICOP Celebrates 25th Anniversary

by Kevin Christopher and Ben Radford
Volume 11.2, June 2001

CSICOP was founded in 1976 by SUNY philosophy professor Paul Kurtz, and grew over the years with the support of luminaries...

Aliens are from Mars, Solved Mysteries from Venus

by Kevin Christopher
Volume 11.1, March 2001

Regardless of their merits, some UFO "mysteries"-like the "Roswell Incident"-live for decades in the public imagination...

Come Waste Some Time in the Looniverse!

by Harrie Verstappen
Volume 11.1, March 2001

Just north of the Venezuelan coast, Curaçao's Willemstad is the government seat of the Netherlands Antilles...

Remotely Viewed? The Charlie Jordan Case

by Joe Nickell
Volume 11.1, March 2001

Investigative Files

Was fugitive drug smuggler Charlie Jordan nabbed after a CIA "remote viewer" helped pinpoint his location in northern Wyoming?

A History of State UFO Research in the USSR

by Yulii Platov and Boris Sokolov
Volume 10.4, December 2000

Here we proudly continue our effort to give voice to skeptics from around the world...

Midnight Adventure in a Graveyard

by Pat Leonard
Volume 10.4, December 2000

For over fifty years I have been a private investigator with a proclivity for checking con men and psychics...

The Emperor’s New Designer Clothes

by Victor Stenger
Volume 10.4, December 2000

Reality Check

Intelligent Design is the latest buzzword in the so-called dialogue between science and religion...

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