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Skeptical Briefs

Skeptical Briefs is the quarterly newsletter of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. It is available by subscription. A subscription to Skeptical Briefs is independent of your subscription to the Skeptical Inquirer. It is published four times per year (in March, June, September, and December), and includes articles; news from skeptical groups across the country and around the world; and regular columnists Joe Nickell ("Investigative Files"), Lewis Jones ("Inklings"), Victor Stenger ("Reality Check"), Henry Huber ("Group News"); and Benjamin Radford ("Briefs Briefs"). It also includes a Hidden Messages puzzle in each issue by New Mexico physicist and skeptic David E. Thomas.

Haunted Cape May

by Sharon Hill
Volume 12.3, September 2002

At the terminus of the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey is the charming Victorian-themed resort town of Cape May.

Investigating Witchcraft and Sorcery in Rangareddi District, India

by Dr. G. Vijayam
Volume 12.2, June 2002

The superintendent of police of India's Rangareddi district invited a team from the Atheist Centre to investigate witchcraft...

‘Miraculous’ Image of Guadalupe

by Joe Nickell
Volume 12.2, June 2002

Investigative Files

Mexico's Image of Guadalupe is a sixteenth-century depiction of the Virgin Mary that, according to pious legend...

L’Effroyable Auteur

by Kevin Christopher
Volume 12.2, June 2002

President of the French leftist organization Reseau Voltaire, Thierry Meyssan, is rising to worldwide recognition as the...

A New Look at Disney’s Atlantis

by Rob Beeston
Volume 12.1, March 2000

Disney’s Atlantis was recently released on video and DVD. When the movie came out...

Skepticism in Argentina: Life and Death and Magical Thinking

by Alejandro Borgo
Volume 12.1, March 2000

What is the danger of magical thinking and the spread of pseudoscience? This question has been asked many times...

Science Allah Carte

by Lewis Jones
Volume 12.1, March 2000


Muslim science? On the face of it, it seems as incongruous as Christian physics or Jewish oceanography.

U-Haul Moves into the Paranormal

by Benjamin Radford
Volume 11.4, December 2001

We've all seen U-Haul trucks on our road and highways. Up until about ten years ago, the trucks were pretty boring...

The Science of Prayer

by Victor Stenger
Volume 11.4, December 2001

Reality Check

Praying for yourself may help you. Or it may harm you. Or it may do nothing at all. Each of these is possible...

Secrets of the Voodoo Tomb

by Joe Nickell
Volume 11.4, December 2001

Investigative Files

Among the sites associated with New Orleans voodoo is the tomb of its greatest figure, Marie Laveau...

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