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Susan Haack

Susan Haack is Professor of Philosophy and Visiting Professor of Law at the University of Miami. She is the national Phi Beta Kappa Romanell Professor of Philosophy for 1997-1998. Her publications include Deviant Logic, Fuzzy Logic: Beyond the Formalism (University of Chicago Press), Evidence and Inquiry: Towards Reconstruction in Epistemology (Blackwell), and Philosophy of Logics (Cambridge University Press), as well as numerous articles.

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Six Signs of Scientism: Part 1

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 37.6, November/December 2013


Science, Scientism, and Anti-Science in the Age of Preposterism

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 21.6, November / December 1997


We are in danger of losing our grip on the concepts of truth, evidence, objectivity, disinterested inquiry.

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