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Sharon Hill

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Sharon Hill specializes in issues of science and the public and runs the Doubtful News website. Sharon can be reached at

‘Getting People to Think More Deeply’

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 35.6, November/December 2011

‘Getting People to Think More Deeply’

An Interview with Miracle Detectives Scientist Indre Viskontas

“Scientific”: It’s just a catchphrase!

Sounds Sciencey
January 17, 2012
“Scientific”: It’s just a catchphrase!

Science is all these things: a process, a way of looking at a topic, a community, an infrastructure, a career, a set of results, an authority, and more. We can use the word in many ways. That means it can be abused in many ways as well.

Haunted Cape May

Skeptical Briefs Volume 12.3, September 2002

At the terminus of the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey is the charming Victorian-themed resort town of Cape May.

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