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Benjamin Radford

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Benjamin Radford, M.Ed., is a scientific paranormal investigator, a research fellow at the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, deputy editor of the Skeptical Inquirer, and author, co-author, contributor, or editor of twenty books and over a thousand articles on skepticism, critical thinking, and science literacy. His newest book is Mysterious New Mexico: Miracles, Magic, and Monsters in the Land of Enchantment. Radford is also a columnist for Discovery News and

How the Media Mystify Tragedy

Free Thinking (
January 18, 2011
The press, politicians, and pundits needlessly mystify national tragedies like the Tucson shooting.

Richard Saunders Helps Expose ‘Power Balance’ Bands

Free Thinking (
January 11, 2011
Australian skeptic Richard Saunders discusses his role in exposing the "Power Balance" bands

Mass Media, Eating Disorders, and Research

Free Thinking (
December 28, 2010
Skepchick Rebecca Watson believes some eating disorder researchers were misquoted. Were they?

Family of Missing Canadian Woman Seeks Help from Sylvia Browne

Free Thinking (
December 13, 2010
Another desperate family seeks help from a psychic; history suggests they will be disappointed.

The Mysterious Invisible ‘Rods’

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 34.4, July / August 2010

Skeptical Inquiree

Q: I’ve been told there are small creatures called rods—which are shaped like, well, rods—that fly so fast they’re invisible. Is there any truth to this?

Investigating UFO Mysteries Not Without Risk

Free Thinking (
November 9, 2010
Solving a UFO Mystery Is Not Without Risk

Film Review of Hereafter: Ghosts, Mediums, and Near-Death Experience

Free Thinking (
October 19, 2010
Film Review of Hereafter: Ghosts, Mediums, and Near-Death Experience
Clint Eastwood's new film Hereafter, about ghosts, mediums, and the afterlife, gets it mostly wrong.

Skeptical of ‘Secretariat’

Free Thinking (
September 20, 2010
Skeptical of  ‘Secretariat’
A new Disney film about courage and heart features a freak racehorse...

Skeptracking at Dragon*Con 2010

September 17, 2010

Amid the bizarre costumes and assorted geekery, the skeptic’s track drew sizeable crowds...

Dragon*Con 2010 and a Call for Investigation

Free Thinking (
September 16, 2010
Investigation is only part of skepticism, but it is a vital part. Hopefully future conferences will include more investigation.

Top 5 Surreal Moments at Dragon*Con

Free Thinking (
September 10, 2010
Dragon*Con was a great time, but five experiences in particular have stuck with me as being especially surreal.

Is it Possible to Study the ‘Paranormal’?

Free Thinking (
August 18, 2010
A question from the public: How does an investigator study subjects never proven to exist?

Chasing the Ghost Bird

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 34.3, May / June 2010

The ivory-bill has captured the imagination of people the world over for a very long time.

New Prayer Study: Need Glasses or Hearing Aid? Ask God!

Free Thinking (
August 4, 2010
A new, badly flawed prayer study suggests that God will heal hearing and vision problems if someone else asks Him to.

Reflections on Camp Inquiry 2010

Free Thinking (
July 26, 2010
A memorable week at CFI's summer camp for kids, Camp Inquiry

New Film “Inception” Bends Both Minds and Logic

Free Thinking (
July 18, 2010
New Film “Inception” Bends Both Minds and Logic
The new thriller Inception, starring Leo DiCaprio, has good intentions but a plot full of holes.

Ghost Photo on Front Page of New York Times

Free Thinking (
June 28, 2010
Ghost Photo on Front Page of New York Times
A New York Times front-page photograph seems to reveal a mysterious ghostly image.

Psychic Carla Baron Called Out on Claim of Solving Natalee Holloway Case

Free Thinking (
June 14, 2010
Famous psychic Carla Baron says she solved the Holloway case; that's news to the police, FBI, and Holloway's parents.

What Martin Gardner Taught Me

Free Thinking (
June 2, 2010
Martin Gardner, one of the all-time great skeptics, taught me how skeptics can help the public with real-world problems.

BP Oil Spill: Just Wondering Where the Psychics Are…

Free Thinking (
May 26, 2010
Psychics should be asked—after each and every tragedy and national disaster—to explain their failures.

Rescuing Oiled Wildlife: Expensive and Ineffective

Free Thinking (
April 30, 2010
The desire to clean oiled wildlife is admirable and noble, but the most obvious solution is not always the best one.

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The Psychic and the Serial Killer: Examining the ‘Best Case’ for Psychic Detectives

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 34.2, March / April 2010


An examination of the 'best case' of psychic detective abilities offers insight into how extraordinary claims are made, exaggerated, and clung to despite...

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Bigfoot Beliefs in Cultural Context

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 34.2, March / April 2010


Bigfoot: The Life and Times of a Legend by Joshua Blu Buhs.

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BodyTalk: Boon or Bogus?

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 34.2, March / April 2010

Skeptical Inquiree

Q: I work for a national corporation and recently noticed pamphlets advertising "BodyTalk" therapy distributed around the workplace. Now a BodyTalk...

British Government Study Finds Homeopathy Worthless

Free Thinking (
April 22, 2010
A recent UK committee investigating homeopathy provides yet another nail in the coffin for this pseudoscience

Review of “Evolution: How We and All Living Things Came to Be” by Daniel Loxton

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 34.3, May / June 2010

Online Extra

Two very different books about evolution crossed my desk recently. The first, by Richard Dawkins, is titled The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence...

How Global Warming Creates Monsters

Free Thinking (
April 8, 2010
Benjamin Radford reveals an interesting link between Bigfoot and global warming. From his upcoming book on the chupacabra.

Valuing Solutions Over Problems, Explanations Over Mysteries

Free Thinking (
March 30, 2010
A brief discussion about the nature of mysteries and the value in finding their solutions

Blog on psychic detectives riles the believers—especially those who don’t read carefully

Free Thinking (
March 17, 2010
A Discovery News blog results in a poster's reply that seems to prove that psychic detectives are real!

Psychics: Be a Hero, Save Lives, and Earn $2 Million!

Free Thinking (
March 8, 2010
$2 million and hero status awaits any psychics who can solve Toyota's problems

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