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The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry

The mission of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry is to promote scientific inquiry, critical investigation, and the use of reason in examining controversial and extraordinary claims.

Deniers are not Skeptics: An Open Letter

Reason for Change: A CFI Conference in Buffalo, NY, June 11-15 2015

Keep Health Care Safe and Secular: A Center for Inquiry Campaign

The FDA is giving serious consideration to our petition to require that all over-the-counter homeopathic drugs meet the standards of effectiveness applicable to non-homeopathic drugs. Read the letter from the FDA »

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Skeptical Inquirer Volume 39.2 —
March/April 2015

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 39.2 Cover

Articles by:

  • Ben Radford
  • James McGaha
  • Joe Nickell
  • Kendrick Frazier
  • Kylie Sturgess
  • Martin Gardner
  • Massimo Polidoro
  • Peter Huston
  • Robert Sheaffer
  • Willem Betz
  • and more!

Latest Articles & News

To Better Understand Evolution: An Interview with Jerry Coyne

To Better Understand Evolution: An Interview with Jerry Coyne

by Felipe Nogueira
Skeptical Briefs · Skepticism and Science · Volume 24.3

Jerry Coyne is an evolutionary biologist at the University of Chicago and an important popularizer of evolution and science in general.

Playing Witch Doctor: Hidden Ethics in Skeptical Ghost Investigation

by Ben Radford
Skeptical Briefs · Volume 24.3

The drive from my apartment to the haunted house was about twenty minutes, but I found myself wishing it would take longer. I wanted more time to get a handle on what I was going to say, how I was going to tell the family that their house was not haunted by a demon or angry ghost.

“You Are Smart!” on Radio

“You Are Smart!” on Radio

by Bill Oxley
Special Articles
March 20, 2015

“You Are Smart,” a daily feature for commercial radio, made its national debut recently with host, Jim Underdown, executive director of CFI–LA and founder of the Independent Investigations Group (IIG).

Will This New Study Help End Schizophrenia?

Will This New Study Help End Schizophrenia?

by Carrie Poppy
Special Articles · Poppycock
March 19, 2015

This fall’s announcement that schizophrenia is likely not one, but as many as eight disorders, could impact treatment for almost as many Americans as there are people in Los Angeles.

Art of Saving a Life – Interview with Alexia Sinclair

Art of Saving a Life – Interview with Alexia Sinclair

by Kylie Sturgess
Special Articles · Curiouser and Curiouser
March 16, 2015

At first glance, you might think that Australian artist Alexia Sinclair has produced a photo for a glossy fashion magazine. The glamorous, fantasy-like image is of three people – but one of them is being inoculated.

Poltergeist at Amityville?

by Joe Nickell
Skeptical Briefs · Investigative Files · Volume 24.3

On December 18, 1975, George and Kathy Lutz and their three children moved into a six-bedroom Dutch colonial home in Amityville, New York. But soon they were driven out, they claimed, by horrific supernatural forces. Ghosts? A poltergeist? Demons? Let’s take a look, as new claims continue to surface.