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The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry

The mission of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry is to promote scientific inquiry, critical investigation, and the use of reason in examining controversial and extraordinary claims.

Reason for Change: A CFI Conference in Buffalo, NY, June 11-15 2015

Keep Health Care Safe and Secular: A Center for Inquiry Campaign

The FDA is giving serious consideration to our petition to require that all over-the-counter homeopathic drugs meet the standards of effectiveness applicable to non-homeopathic drugs. Read the letter from the FDA »

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Now Online: Skeptical Inquirer Volume 38.4

Skeptical Inquirer Volume 38.4 Cover

  July/August 2014

Selected articles by:

  • Charles M. Wynn Sr.
  • Harriet Hall
  • Joe Nickell
  • Massimo Polidoro
  • Ryan Shaffer
  • Scott O. Lilienfeld
  • Steven Novella

Latest Articles & News

Crop Circles: A Not-So-Convincing Case

Crop Circles: A Not-So-Convincing Case

by Ben Radford
Skeptical Inquirer · Skeptical Inquiree · Volume 38.5

Unlike other mysterious phenomena such as psychic powers, ghosts, or Bigfoot, there is no doubt that crop circles are real. The real question is what creates them.

Susan Gerbic Reports on the 2014 Skeptics Toolbox

Susan Gerbic Reports on the 2014 Skeptics Toolbox

by Susan Gerbic
Special Articles
November 13, 2014

Each August at the University of Oregon, Eugene, you will find a devoted group of conference attendees learning a critical thinking skill to bring back for use in their everyday lives.

Soul Theft through Photography

by Matt Crowley
Skeptical Briefs · Volume 24.1

Consider the notion that taking a photograph of a person “steals his or her soul.” It’s an easy concept to dismiss, as it seems so simplistic and overtly fallacious. But I claim there is value in actually considering this notion more carefully.

The Lake Monster That Predates Nessie

The Lake Monster That Predates Nessie

by Terence Hines
Skeptical Briefs · Book Review · Volume 24.1

A review of The Untold Story of Champ: A Social History of America’s Loch Ness Monster, by Robert E. Bartholomew.

Song of a Siren:
 A Study in Fakelore

by Joe Nickell
Skeptical Briefs · Investigative Files · Volume 24.1

Lorelei is described variously as a “sorceress,” “siren,” “water nymph,” “mermaid,” and even, in the plural, “mermaids.” In any case, at least she represents a romantic legend of the Rhine—or does she?

Skeptical Activism Online

Skeptical Activism Online

by Amanda Devaus
Skeptical Briefs · Volume 24.1

The “woo” crowd—the psychics, the charlatans, the “healers” and others—are out there in the public; they are writing the books, setting up conferences, and getting themselves extensive media coverage. We need to match their exposure with our own and be there to give the counterpoints.